Erin Andrews Chose a Neon Green Sweater for Her First Big Game.

Erin Andrews Chose a Neon Green Sweater for Her First Big Game.

I’m getting truthful when I say I’ve hardly ever watched a televised sporting party from start out to finish—baseball is tedious, football way too complex, and I have a tendency to drop curiosity in the frenetic back again-and-forth of basketball, soccer, and hockey. Even so, I have recognised who Erin Andrews was considering the fact that the early 2000s, when she begun doing work as a sideline reporter for ESPN, in all probability because there had been so handful of women of all ages in her discipline that she became information-creating by virtue of just present. Since then, I’d argue that she’s risen to come to be a person of the most nicely-regarded, influential sports reporters in the sport, and the actuality that she landed a web hosting gig on Dancing With the Stars in 2014 speaks to her mass appeal with American audiences.

For her episode of What I Wore When, Andrews preferred to converse about a sweater. Precisely, the a few-quarter-sleeve V-neck she selected for her to start with key on-air task: Game 7 of the 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs among the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Calgary Flames. A monumental opportunity for any burgeoning athletics reporter, and one that appeared to call for neon environmentally friendly.

“I’m from Tampa Bay, and it was a massive video game,” Andrews tells me. “I was like, ‘I seriously, genuinely need an wonderful shirt to have on.'” And so starts the story of how she and her mom and dad went to the shopping mall to discover her a thing best. “We went to Ann Taylor, and it was in the front of the retail outlet, the entrance table…. It was bright fluorescent inexperienced. I keep in mind there was a yellow fluorescent one particular [and] a pink 1. For some reason, that eco-friendly one was contacting my name.”

Andrews’s pivotal neon inexperienced sweater, which she wore through her 1st major on-air match in 2004 (YouTube)

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