Ideas for organizing and arranging a wardrobe

Ideas for organizing and arranging a wardrobe

The womens wardrobe gynaikeia royxa is always one of the parts of the house that no matter how much we collect it, usually after some time it needs to be tidied up and organized again.

There are many reasons for this. The renewal of our wardrobe every season, but also the fast pace of life is the most basic factors that contribute to the loss that often prevails in our wardrobe. Especially when we have a small closet and a lot of things. So when we stay at home, organizing and arranging the closet is one of the tasks we can put into the program. Perhaps a better layout can fit clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, saving you space and time when choosing them.

Let’s see in detail what are the steps and the most important secrets for the correct layout of things in your wardrobe. More specifically, we will talk about what clothes you should have in the closet, how to organize it better and how to make it smell nice.

Empty the closet

The first step in properly organizing and arranging the closet is to empty it. This will allow you to create a complete picture of what you have and what you need to buy. Having taken everything out, you can arrange the closet more easily and find ways to take advantage of every corner of it.

So you will be able to see which of the various clothing storage accessories available in many stores suit your layout and your needs to better organize it. Drawers, baskets and storage boxes for clothes, underwear and accessories can save space and help you put things more strategically and clearly. Equally effective are drawer or shelf dividers.

Clean the inside of the closet

Before you start tidying up again, you need to clean the inside of the closet. A cloth dampened with water or a cleaning product for surfaces is ideal for this job. You don’t want your clean clothes and your things, in general, to be stored in a place with accumulated dust.

Ideas for organizing and arranging a wardrobe

Clear the clothes

Start by splitting them into your favourite clothes that you wear more, those that you wear a little less often and those that you have years to put on. You can also divide them into everyday casual pieces, ideal for office wear and the most evening – formal clothes. Equally important is the separation into winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Of course, it is worth noting that there are also pieces that suit every season. These are probably the most useful and timeless of all, so they should never be missing from your closet.

You don’t have to keep everything. By donating some clothes and throwing away or recycling the worn ones, you will be able to save space for the renovation of your wardrobe, but the already existing things will also look better. A dressing room with suffocatingly crowded clothes and accessories, everything but organized and tidy looks. Even if you just made it.

So find what you don’t need to give away and give away any worn-out clothes or underwear that are no longer worn. So you do good not only to the environment but also to those who need it.

Try all the clothes you have in the closet

After creating the above stacks and highlighting what you are thinking of keeping, try them. It may not do anything to you, it may not fit your body perfectly, and it may not flatter you. Or just not like it any more. So there is no need to keep it or even put it on the front line. Put it aside and decide in the second phase what to do.

You may also discover clothes that you did not wear and are ultimately great suggestions for your outfit. So do one more clarification and keep only the essentials. Why squeeze them if you’re not going to put them on?

Of course, if it’s a piece that reminds you of a special moment in your life and you don’t want to part with it, just store it in a box and put it aside. But not in the closet with the clothes you use every day.

Time to organize and arrange the closet

The clothes you wear the most should be in the front line, easily accessible as soon as you open the closet. On the contrary, those that are worn sparsely and that, like formal and evening, it is better to be in second place or at least in a different place than every day. You can use special clothes cases to store your formal dresses or good skirts, protecting and distinguishing them even more from the rest.

The same goes for seasonal pieces. It is no coincidence that in every change of era, most people adapt their clothes to the new needs. Hiding winter boots in boxes, vacuum bags and clothes cases, they have room to put summer clothes in their place. This is an important rule for perfect wardrobe organization, especially when there is no unlimited space!

It is equally important to arrange clothes according to their type. Blouses with blouses, shirts with shirts and so on.

An interesting proposal is the organization of clothing sets. For example, you can hang a women’s suit next to the shirt or blouse you usually wear. This way you will be able to choose the specific outfit for the office in one go, saving time.

Also, a wardrobe with clothes arranged by colour and length looks much more organized and helps you find what you are looking for with a simple glance. If you choose the same clothes hangers, then the visual effect is even more beautiful.

Take advantage of every possible corner of the closet

Once you have cleared the clothes, shoes and accessories – bags that you will keep, think about how you can arrange them organized in the closet.

So use shelves, boxes, baskets and drawers, as well as storage dividers and place things so that they are grouped and look simple. For even faster search, you can even place labels that will write what each storage accessory contains or choose transparently.

In addition to the fitted wardrobe, you can add to your room with your wardrobe drawers or shelves with boxes. There you can also store some of your clothes or things.

Be careful, you don’t have to squeeze them, just use every piece of space you have creatively at your disposal. Many women, for example, use the back door of a closet that is usually left unattended to hang their scarves, belts and jewellery on hooks, rods or cases. Why not do it yourself?

Alternatively, you can place a mirror sticker there to see directly on you the set you have chosen!

Ideas for organizing and arranging a wardrobe

The rule with clothes hangers

If in the first clearing of your clothes you found some pieces that you are not sure whether you should keep or not, the hanger rule will help you decide what to do with them.

So who is he? Hang all your clothes with the hangers upside down, that is, look at the back of the closet.

Each time you use one, turn the hanger on its normal side. So after a few months, you will know what you are not wearing at all. This means that maybe it’s time to leave them or save them in another more secondary part of your wardrobe.

Multiple and non-slip clothes hangers

Save space by using hangers for more than one outfit. Whether it’s pants or blouses, the organization of clothes with multiple hangers creates extra space in your closet.

If you do not have such hangers and there is no money left over to buy them, you can make them yourself. Just hold the metal ring from the soft drink boxes and use it to join two or more hangers together.

It is equally important to choose the ideal anti-slip hangers for clothes that tend to fall out, such as satin and silk. This way they will be held in place and will not create a tangled stack at the bottom of the closet, disrupting the organization you have made.

Store clothes in drawers and boxes

A very effective storage method for t-shirts or pants in a drawer/box is the horizontal layout. This means that after folding them, you do not place them on top of each other, but in front of each other. This way you will see all your clothes at a glance and you will not have to lift them with the risk of them unfolding and tangling.

For a better organization of your wardrobe, you can use drawer dividers and compartments with partitions. These accessories are ideal to distinguish underwear, socks, stockings, but also scarves or belts. You can also use a similar device for everything you arrange in boxes unless it is shoes and bags.

A practical solution for organizing your jewellery in a drawer, apart from the jewellery box, is the ice pack. Its small partitions are ideal for placing each necklace separately, as well as your earrings.

And don’t forget to keep your closet always organized and tidy

One 15 minutes a week is enough to straighten or put the things that have come out of place back to where you put them. This way, you will be able to keep your wardrobe for much longer. Also, try to place new clothes, shoes or accessories in places that will not disturb the organization of your wardrobe.

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